When Nothing Else Works: How To Relieve Your Lower Back Pain Fast!

When Nothing Else Works: How To Relieve Your Lower Back Pain Fast!

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"I was so relieved to find the simple solution to my lower back pain in this little ebook. No one is talking about this simple method except S. F. Howe. I highly recommend you give it a try." (Sarah B., Amazon reviewer)

"I was able to solve my lower back problem in the privacy of my own home, without having to spend a cent, undress for a doctor or discuss my problem with anyone. I was thrilled to be able to get rid of my lower back pain so easily." (Ted Barnes, Amazon reviewer)

"I found out about this method from a friend who had gotten rid of her lower back pain using this discovery. So I got the book and tried it myself. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical. But to my surprise, this simple method worked when nothing else did. I recommend this book highly." (Dina Lane, BN.com reviewer)

"I couldn’t be happier with this ebook. I’m using this special method to get rid of my lower back pain and I’m already feeling much better after doing it for only six days! Try it – it’s quick, easy and fun!!" (Annalise Gerhard, BN.com reviewer)

"If you’ve been suffering with lower back pain and can’t seem to find a solution, give this a try. It really and truly worked for me." (Brenda George, BN.com reviewer)

"S. F. Howe’s discovery helped my lower back when nothing else could. It’s practically criminal that this solution is not more widely known and practiced. If you have lower back pain, give it a try. It could very well be your miracle cure too." (Emma Kaye, Amazon reviewer)

"I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for the longest time and got very little help from the usual treatments and medication. After one week of following the instructions, my lower back pain was gone….It really is easy and takes almost no time at all." (John Wagner, Amazon reviewer)

2/1/18: Second edition retitled and authored by S. F. Howe previously writing as Kent Ellis.
7/12/12: Book updated with more scientific evidence supporting the importance and effectiveness of the author’s discovery.
2011: 1st edition published as "Lower Back Pain Relief" with S. F. Howe writing as Kent Ellis.

In this ebook you will get the complete lowdown on what I did to create a rapid healing of my own lower back pain. If you think this was a difficult or time-consuming task, you’re wrong! To accomplish the healing of my lower back pain, it involved using a dead simple method for only thirty seconds per day to start, then gradually increasing to several minutes per day over the next ten or eleven days. That was it. And to my astonishment, my pain was gone, never to return.

My discovery is so simple, so natural and so basic, that it has been completely overlooked. My technique requires no medication, no surgery, no equipment, no special environment, no doctor or therapist, no costs of any kind, and takes almost no time. Yet in a matter of days, it healed me completely after suffering for an entire year with debilitating, constant lower back pain.

If you keep an open mind, you are likely to find in the pages of this ebook the relief from suffering that you may have been searching for, for a very long time. All I can say is, it worked for me and many of my readers, and I believe it will work for you too!

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S. F. Howe is a body/mind/spirit book author and psychologist who has worked in hospitals and clinics for more than 25 years as a psychotherapist, clinical program consultant and administrator. The author lives lower back pain free and enjoys sharing the lower back pain solution that has helped many other people live without lower back pain too.