Fitness Walking and Bodyweight Exercises: Supercharge Your Fitness, Build Body Strength, and Live Longer (Walking for Health and Fitness Book 2)

Fitness Walking and Bodyweight Exercises: Supercharge Your Fitness, Build Body Strength, and Live Longer (Walking for Health and Fitness Book 2)

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Are You Ready to Learn the Secret to:

Feeling great, living longer, having a positive mindset, and save money in the process?

-Watch My Video Below- and see how walking, yes walking for health and fitness, is the easiest way to get in shape and stay in shape.

You need to get in shape and you want to feel good physically and mentally, but you don’t know how to start a fitness walking exercise program. 

You may have joined a gym to get in shape only to be disillusioned: 

You were “turned off” by:

  • working out in front of other people 
  • the gym staff was always pushing you to sign up for expensive personal training sessions 
  • or, worse of all, the workouts were so far above your fitness level you were injured and couldn’t work out for weeks afterward

Learn about the benefits of walking, and more specifically, the benefits of using fitness walking bodyweight exercises to supercharge your health and fitness while you walk. 

Walk and listen to the FREE AUDIOBOOK, it’s the ultimate in multitasking.

Bodyweight exercises allow you to control the workout, time you walk, exercises you do, and when and where you work out.

You’ll also tap into your mindset at the same time.

Do you know:

  • The Core-Four exercises
  • How to take control of your fitness
  • Why Setting goals is a must
  • What’s your “why?”
  • Benefits of bodyweight exercises
  • The advantages of bodyweight training
  • How to Develop a positive mindset
  • How exercise improves brain power
  • Why diets don’t work but my Win-Win strategy does

And so much more!

Are you hesitant to give fitness walking exercises a try because you think walking is so easy it won’t get you in shape? 

Let me dispel that right now. Once you start walking, an amazing process of transformation begins to take place:

The first transformation will be physical as you will begin to feel good! You will feel your body getting into physical condition, you’ll just feel like your muscles have been used. Trust me, you’ll want this feeling to continue. 

The second transformation will be your mindset. You’ll begin to think more clearly, you’ll be calmer, boost your creativity, and your problem-solving skills will kick into overdrive. 

Try this out; before you go out on your next walk, think of a problem you are having. For example, I open my iPhone and create a new note on my Notes app. I dictate the problem at the top of the page then… I do nothing. I just walk, enjoy my surroundings, enjoy the feeling of motion, and enjoy the sense of accomplishing something. 

Then, suddenly, my mind will drift over to that problem I put down on Notes. When I’m walking, I find my mind just randomly goes someplace other than where I am walking, and in this state, I begin to see solutions to problems I am having. 

I can’t explain, I see the problem differently and the solutions come quickly when walking. 

Start Right Now.  Open your front door and walk around the block. If you feel as good as I think you will, come back inside and order my book and learn how walking and bodyweight fitness exercises will improve your health and save you money in healthcare-related costs.

A Personal Note From The Author: This book blends 21 years of coaching experience with my love of fitness and the need to overcome a serious back injury.  That’s why I’ve put together Fitness Walking and Body Weight Exercises.  It is my intention to get you walking, exercising your body, and helping you create a positive mindset.

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Walk on,