Tosca, the 118 Freeway dog – Captured last night :-)

Tosca lived under a bush on the side of the 118 freeway for over a month!!!

Luckily, she was noticed by Linda Sidlinger & Claire Daigle who tried to get help for Tosca who was hit by a car.

13 days ago they contacted me, and that’s why I was mostly gone from Facebook / Flickr in the last few days as I was trying to capture her.

Tosca was too scared of people, and wouldn’t let anyone near her. Since she was so close to the freeway, I couldn’t have done anything other than sit by the trap and wait. I sat there sometimes until 3 o’clock in the morning, but she wouldn’t go in and she slowly starved.

Last night at 10 P.M, Tosca surrendered to her hunger, walked into my trap, and we had her. Tosca was terrified, and so I didn’t want to move her out of the trap until we were inside the vet’s office. Clair helped me carry the trap to the car that was parked 300 yards away (there was place closer where I could have parked safely).

I took Tosca to the vet (11 P.M), took her out of the trap, and she just moved straight onto my lap… she was just so happy.

I gave her food, water, pain meds, and I scanned her for a chip. To my surprise, there is a chip in her, and so I called the owner this morning.

The onwer told me "take her to the shelter, and have her euthanized". I told him that I have no intention on doing that, and that I need his OK to take over her care. He said "sure".

We X-rayed her (x-ray below), and she has a dislocated femur. This injury will require an FHO surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy – or removal of the head of the femur). She is super skinny, but other than that she seems to be in good health.

Because she is so skinny, she will go to her foster home in 30 minutes so she can gain weight for a week or two, and then we’ll go ahead with the surgery.

She loves people, dogs, and cats. I love her so much… she is just amazing.

I will post photo updates on our website soon:

Have a great weekend everybody!!!


Posted by Hope For Paws Animal Rescue on 2012-06-01 19:40:09

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