Plant Based Cookbook: 150 Delicious High-Protein Vegan Recipes to Improve Athletic Performance + 28 Days Meal Plan. 2 Books in 1: Plant Based Cookbook for Athletes and High-Protein Recipes.

🍒🍒 Plant Based Cookbook: 150 Delicious High-Protein Vegan Recipes to Improve Athletic Performance + 28 Days Meal Plan. 2 Books in 1: Plant Based Cookbook for Athletes and High-Protein Recipes🍒🍒

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🥨🥨 Are you looking for a natural and light diet for improving your physical performance? Maybe with new and tasty recipes to add to your routine? Then keep reading…

🥨🥨 One of the most well-known structures in our body that rely on protein is our muscles. Muscles are attached to the bones, thus allowing us to move and function daily. While this is most obvious, the organs in our body use internal muscles to make sure that we are working and ensuring every part is doing exactly what it is intended to. Even though several parts of our body are not made of protein, they tend to be held together by protein. This applies to our nervous system, organs, and blood vessels. This should show you why protein is so important in our diet.

🥨🥨 Are you still with me? I hope you are. Don’t be intimidated by the information I just shared with you. It may seem very complicated, but it is nothing to psyche you out! Just follow the book and I will continue to guide you through all of this.

🥨🥨 Without a diet that contains proper protein nutrition, you would lack the components needed for tissue repair, protein to support enzymes and hormones for metabolic functions, and the aid to antibodies that help in the defense against germs and infections. While all of this may keep you away from a Plant-Based diet or to over-consume protein, don’t do this. I say this for several reasons…

🥨🥨 First, if you want to follow a vegan diet, I’m actually going to show you that it is very possible, with all the recipes in this Bundle! Second, if you overload protein into your body, this can, in fact, affect your body in negative ways. Yes, there are issues if you don’t have the needed amount, and yes there are issues if you take too much protein into your system.

🥨🥨 The goal of this Bundle is simple: provide all the information that you need to find the right healthy protein balance within a Plant-Based diet.

🥨🥨 In Book one, PLANT BASED COOKBOOK FOR ATHLETES, you will learn:

  • Why a Vegan Diet
  • How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet
  • The Protein Requirements
  • 7 Benefits Of A Vegan Diet
  • 75 Recipes, Including Breakfast Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Main Courses, Single Dishes
  • Snacks and Vegan Cheese
  • 28-Days Meal Plan
  • And Much MORE!

🥨🥨 In Book two, PLANT BASED HIGH-PROTEIN COOKBOOK, you will learn:

  • Are Plant-Based Supplements necessary?
  • How To Stay Healthy While Eating Plant-Based
  • 75 Additional Recipes of Breakfasts, Staple Launches, Whole Food Dinners, Sauces
  • Quick Energy & Recovery Snacks and Flavor Boosters (Fish Glazes, Meat Rubs & Fish Rubs)
  • Tools & Tips for Quick and Efficient Cooking
  • And So Much MORE!

🥨🥨 Where most books only focus on low-calorie diets, promising weight loss but not delivering on taste, this Cookbook goes further, taking the time to explain how you can get healthy and stay healthy on a Plant-Based diet. Forget about those low-cal frozen dinners and processed foods. Learn to love the foods that will keep your body healthier and leaner.

🥨🥨 Even if you are new to this lifestyle, the benefits of a vegan diet are plentiful for bodybuilders, marathon participants, and all other types of athletes. Contrary to the myths and misconceptions about plant-based eating, there are many sources of protein, calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients to support the healthy development of muscle and tissue growth at a cellular level.

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