Beat Sugar Cravings With These Healthy Bites

Sugar cravings are extremely common for women…

In fact, up to 97% of women report experiencing some sort of food craving, including cravings for sugar — especially when they’re going through menopause.

You know when you suddenly feel a strong urge to eat something sweet and savory, mostly around the afternoon?

Yep, that’s a sugar craving right there.

What’s causing your sugar cravings?

Sugar is tantalizing on its own, even without the cravings…

However, there are other forces at play that are making you crave that sweetness.

The top three causes for sugar cravings in menopausal women include:

  • Fluctuations in major hormones like insulin, estrogen and progesterone during menopause.
  • Bad gut bacteria, which thrives on sugar
  • Chronic stress that drives excess cortisol production

What sugar does to your body

Let’s take a look at what happens when you give in to your sugar cravings and overeat your fill of sugar:

  • weight gain, especially around the belly
  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • hormonal imbalance
  • more cravings
  • depression and anxiety

Sugar tends to cause a world of trouble to your body…but you can free yourself from sugar’s sticky clutches.

Instead of reaching for that sugary donut…

Try any of these tasty alternative that are not only a party your taste buds, but also good for your body as well:

#1: Fruits

Swapping out the junk food for some fruit could give you the sweet hit you need to stop your craving in its tracks.

Fruit is not only naturally sweet, but also contains lots of beneficial plant compounds and fiber, allowing you to have your sweet fix and keep it healthy.

To make sure it hits the spot, eat fruits that are slightly higher in sugar like mangoes or grapes.

#2: Berries

Berries are an excellent choice for stopping sugar cravings.

They taste sweet, but their high fiber content means they are actually quite low in sugar. This could make them a great choice if you think your sugar cravings are linked to habit, rather than hunger.

For example, you might crave sweet foods while you’re watching TV, and instead of popping caramel popcorns you could substitute them for a mix of fresh berries.

Additionally, berries are rich in plant compounds and have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

#3: Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most commonly reported foods people eat when they crave sweets.

But you should always choose dark chocolate, because it has the most benefits with the least amount of sugar!

Dark chocolate is chocolate that contains more than 70% cocoa. It also contains healthy plant compounds known as polyphenols. Some studies have shown that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of these polyphenols may help improve heart health.

However, like regular chocolate, dark chocolate contains sugar and fat, so it’s best to limit yourself to a couple of squares to satisfy your craving.

#4: Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy snack that’s high in protein and rich in calcium.

Additionally, some studies have suggested that this delightfully creamy snack helps regulate your appetite and control your cravings.

In fact, one study found that healthy-weight women who had high-protein Greek yogurt for an afternoon snack were less hungry and ate less later in the day, compared to those who had a lower-protein snack or no snack at all.

The healthiest choice for yogurt is one that contains live cultures and is free of added sugar, like Greek yogurt.

#5: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are nutritious, sweet and very filling. They contain mostly carbs but also fiber and a number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.

Some people get sugar cravings because they aren’t eating enough throughout the day.

Including a carb source like sweet potatoes in your meals can combat this by adding calories to your meals and making them more balanced, all while providing you the sweet taste you’re craving.

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