So confused about Asthma and prescribed meds just looking for similar experiences and support : Asthma

I have been diagnosed with Asthma for a few years although I question the diagnosis. I did the pft and the challenge test. I did poorly on the pft and I guess failed the challenge test and they said I have severe asthma. I find this hard to believe. I’ve never had brochities or any other major lung issue. I just have a daily tight feeling and feels like I can’t expand my lungs all the way. I sometimes almost feel like there’s powder or something like that in my lungs and it’s almost like I can “smell” smoke sometimes. It’s not comfortable. The inhalers don’t seem to help much. They only other significant thing could be that I’m always trying to clear something out of my throat. It seems like there’s like a lump of mucous stuck in there till I can cough/clear it out. I smoked for 15 years and grew up in a family of inconsiderate chain smokers. My new pulmonologist just put me on arnuity and singulair and I really don’t notice any improvement from either. It’s been 3 weeks since I started both. I hate to take meds that aren’t working but don’t know if I haven’t given them enough time. Going back to the doc in a few weeks and hopefully he’ll have some advice. Anyone experience anything similar? Edited to add I also have sleep apnea if that matters.

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