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Star Vixen Women’s 3/4 Sleeve, Front Tie Peasant Top

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Price: $17.93
(as of May 05,2021 02:35:33 UTC – Details)

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Update your wardrobe with this flattering peasant style top. Wear to work, Travel-friendly, comfortable and flattering in a soft and silky, wrinkle resistant knit fabric. 3/4 sleeve detail and elastic hem come together in a style that is easy to dress up pr down. Style details include flattering blouse that pairs well with denim and key hole tie neck design. This is the perfect piece to update your basic top collection.

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Made in the USA and Imported
Drawstring closure
Hand Wash Only
92% polyester, 8% Spandex
Features 3/4 sleeve and elastic hem
Flattering peasant style top with key hole detail

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